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Bonanza Helmet - Gloss Garnet
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市價:$ 3,300 元   會員價:$ 3,300
數量 規格

Some people prefer the winds of freedom to hit them squarely in the face. If that's your style, Bonanza's your helmet. US DOT-certified for safety. Lightweight and generously padded for comfort.

Technical Details

Injection-molded ABS outer shell is rugged yet lightweight—the best combination of features for a motorcycle helmet
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) safety liner dissipates impact loads without compromising comfort
Snaps on brow accept all Biltwell and select other brand bubble shields, visors and optical accessories
Removable/replaceable comfort liner and cheek pads feature brushed fleece Lycra touch points to absorb and evaporate perspiration
Chin strap features brushed fleece Lycra touch points for comfort and an adjustable strap end retainer
Complies to US DOT safety standards

Helmet Fitment

No two helmet models from different manufacturers will fit identically on the same wearer's head. For this reason, please refer to our sizing chart and follow our fitment instructions carefully before merely ordering a new helmet in the same size as the one you're currently wearing.