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Helmet Hardware Kit - Red Ano


市價:$ 168 元   會員價:$ 168
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Sometimes subtle details are the loudest custom statement you can make. Our hardware kits for Gringo S and Lane Splitter shields come in anodized colors so you can fine-tune the look of your lid.
Technical Details
Kits fit Gringo S and Lane Splitter helmets to complement or replace stock components
Stamped alloy washers with anodized finish
Aluminum screws feature thread lock compound already applied
Each kit includes two screws and two washers
Care and Maintenance
Apply one drop of medium-strength blue Loc-Tite on the threads of each screw during installation. Align the index bumps on the back side of the washers with their corresponding slots on the plastic hinge spacer behind the shield; hold the washer carefully in position while you tighten the screw. A coin or short straight-slot screwdriver works great for this. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.